About me.

My early life has given me the opportunity to grow and live in various places around the world. The most vital lesson I learned was one that also inspired my educational path. People are all different, but we all think the same way. This paradox created an interest in human behavior and Psychology. I pursued that path, never forgetting my love for the arts, into the field of behavioral therapy helping children with disabilities reach their full potential. My artistic eye combined with my professional skills and computer knowledge gave me a new opportunity, to create multimedia— intended to teach potential therapists the basics of behavior therapy. It was at this point where I found my true calling. Using my knowledge an applying it to send messages through art direction. I decided to earn my Master’s degree in Mass Communications while developing my skills as an Art Director at the Miami Ad School. I hope to intern at a reputable agency or company that will put all my skills to good use and challenge me to become better on a daily basis.


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